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WALKABOUT: Searching for the Right Passages

This article about the challenge approach to self-directed learning was first published in the "Phi Delta Kappan" in May, 1974. It became the most requested reprint in the history of the "Kappan," won an excellence award from "Education Digest, and was reprinted in more than a dozen books.

Empowering Students to Act

Motivating Students And Teaching Them to Motivate Themselves

» Motivating students to pursue SDL
» Dealing with the SDL crisis
» Motivating SDL students and teaching the to motivate themselves
» Dealing with difficult students

Pardon Me, Didn't I Just Hear A Paradigm Shift?

Our standard view of school based learning is teacher directed, but there are many signs that the old paradigm is about to give way to a new one and that is self-directed learning.

Toward a Theory of Self-Directed Learning: A study of experts without formal training.

The authors take a closer look at what common characteristics effective self-directed people hold. What makes someone without formal training beyond high school an outstanding self-directed individual?

Proposal for a College Centre For Personal Achievement*

The College Centre for Personal Achievement (CCFPA) will enable people of any age and with any background to pursue their personal interests and achieve a level of competence worthy of certification within the one year of the program. read more

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