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Honouring All Children
by Pamela Proctor

Children learn by playing. Yet, the very word play conjures up images of indolence and idleness, and its significance gets lost. The concern for many seems to be how children can play in school and learn at the same time. read more...

Lives of Passion, Schools of Hope: The Alumni Project for Jefferson County Open School

by Dr. Fredric G. Posner

This project entails an in depth follow-up of the graduates of an unusual school: the Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado. The Open School (as it is usually called) is a school that goes against the grain of current educational practice. read more...

Printing Numbers, Free Time And Play
by Carlo Ricci

I believe that the more free time children have and the more comfortable they become with having free time, the more opportunities they will create for themselves to learn, grow and unfold. Observations of my two children will elucidate this more...

Unexpected Consequences of an Un-Boring Path
by Patricia Castelli

The adventure of self-directed learning began for us with the element of intrigue. Could education really be different? Could we escape the standard fare offered at the local schools? Hmmm, did I have the guts? read more...

The iEARN Walkabout: Passages for Youth Worldwide
An interview with Peter Copen

Peter Copen is the co-creator of the Walkabout Program (at Northern Westchester BOCES in Yorktown Hts., NY) with Eugene Lebwohl, and the founder and creator of iEARN (The International Education and Resource Network) with participating schools, teachers and students in over 125 countries. read more...

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