Self Directed Leaning Schools

We invite contributions to our list of schools using Self-Directed Learning techniques.
Here is how to add your school or program to this list.
If self-directed learning is a major element of your school, program, or association, we will be pleased to consider adding it to our list. Fax or email a three-line description of your program to us for us to include on our list, contact information, and some support materials describing how the program works. You should be willing to respond to inquiries that may result.

Bishop Carroll High School
Brian McCallum, Principal
4624 Richard Rd. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3E 6L1
t. 403.249.6601
f. 403.240.1141

Thomas Haney High School
Ian Strachan, Principal
23000 116th Ave
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Canada V2X 0T8

Island Pacific School
Ted Spears, Director
P.O. Box 128
Bowen Island, British Columbia
Canada V0N 1G0

Banbury Crossroads School
Diane Swiatek, Director
Karen Harrison, Principal
#201, 2451 Dieppe Avenue S. W.,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 7K1
t. 403.270.7787 f. 403.270.7486

Over the last 31 years, we have been providing personalized education to Calgary students. Through self-paced programs, our students have followed the model of self-directed, independent learning. Our ratio of 10 students per teacher has enabled us to provide individualized education. We value experiential learning to develop critical thinking skills, learner autonomy and personal initiative into a potent formula for success in life. We have found that student-directed programs have encouraged students to discover intrinsic motivation, organizational skills and self-confidence

Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
49 Antietam Street
Devens, Massachusetts
USA 01432

Saint Paul Open School
90 Western Ave. South
Saint Paul, Minnesota
USA 55102-2917

Jefferson County Open School
Bonnie Walters, Principal
7655 W. 10th Ave.
Lakewood, Colorado
USA 80215