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Monday, 24 October 2011 07:19

Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Revolution is Happening

The revolution is that technology makes everything you want to learn available to you. The genie is out of the bottle and no one is going to put him back. You are in charge and you can deal with it as you please. It is the dream of self-direction. The learning world will never be the same. Educational institutions--schools, colleges, and corporations--don’t seem to realize what has happened and are still teaching content as if they were in charge of it. But it’s all out there. We can Google what we want to know, consult with friends, or ask experts anywhere in the world. We can take courses from the best institutions or we can create our own programs and projects. We are free citizens of the learning world.

Using The Technology is SDL

And we don’t have to be passive. We can explore and create, probe and question, organize and launch movements. We can work together, help each other, take up causes and make things happen. We can launch investigations, start businesses, and establish our own learning networks. The new education is being born right now and it is looking a lot like living in the world in a way we never have before. The question is, now that we have all of the knowledge and skill we want at our disposal, what are we going to do with it? In this section we are going to look first at how you can use technology to find out what you want to find out and do what you want to do, then we will study how we can use the same technology to improve teaching so it will support the new learning. How to Create Your Own Education

I am a student of this new territory along with you. I will be asking others to help us to create the new education. Maybe that’s the point: there won’t be one education for all us. There will be a unique education for every one of us. Then each of us has to learn how to use all of these resources to create a personal education that will enable us to find out who we can become, what we can accomplish, and the difference we can make in the world.

I think that’s very exciting, don’t you?

Ways to Learn Using the Technology

1. Ask the Internet

Even if you’re an electronic Luddlite, you can’t and shouldn’t avoid the Internet. It is such a vast resource to have at your fingertips that you can find out almost anything you want to know, and find it out in a flash. You can learn how to do almost anything to, and often from the very best experts. You can find courses to take from many of the most prestigious educational institutions. And much more, but you get the idea--this is a key instrument for our basic task of creating a personal education. But let’s start very simply. I want you to choose something you are interested in. I will choose wood-carving and knitting. Let t’s start with “knitting.” On your computer click on your web browser--something like Google or Yahoo. In the empty space provided write the topic you are interested in. I’m going to try ”How to knit.” Come with me. Write it and click. Can you see the result? I went to the second item on You Tube called How to Knit- the Basics. There is a six-minute video showing us the fundamentals of knitting in slow motion so clearly that any of us can follow the process. And beneath it are gradually more complex stitches, and they go on as far as you want to go, including how to knit complex objects. You can even find personalized help from someone already skilled. A great resource.

This morning I read in the paper that only one in four Canadians know how to provide CPU to someone who has a heart attack or some other distress. I Google how to do it and learned the procedure on the spot. Be sure that using this vast resource is part of your repertoire.

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